Sunday, May 25, 2008

Story index

** General Introduction

1. My mother, my father, and me

2.The boarding school for toddlers.

3. A child's life

4. Primary school - and Life with the family

5. Running away from school

6. My Parents and paternal uncles

7. My Maternal Uncles

8. The Cultural Revolution Begins

9. My Siblings become Red Guards

10. Our father is arrested

11. A Family of Ill Repute

12. I go to the countryside

13. Life at the Big Farm

14. I fall in Love

15. Escape to Mom's Village

16. My Father in Prison

17. The Death of Grandmother

18. On Becoming a Nurse

19. Entering College - by the front door and back door too

20. Beijing #2 Language School

21. Classmates and siblings

22. Finding a Husband

23. A Career as a tour guide.

24. Hard work and hard play

25. The Hong Kong Boyfriend

26. Leaving the People's Republic

27. High life in America

28. Student life in Chicago

**Remembering my Father

29. Boyfriends and computer classes

30.My Oldest Brother

**Tianamen Protest

31. My Second Brother

32. My Older Sister

33. My Younger Sister

34. My First Niece

35. Requiem for My Mother

36. Mom's Early Life

37.My First Boyfriend - 40 years later

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harlequinpan said...

So touching!!
Thanks for sharing.and i also love all of the chinese calligraphys you posted.